Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa's Little Helpers...

Tomorrow we are off to the Kherson region to bring some Christmas cheer from our Orphan's Promise team of volunteers!

We are going to be bringing Christmas celebrations to two orphanages we work with in the region and the boys house that Agape runs.  We will be bringing Christmas trees, decorations, Christmas cookies and gifts!!  We will be visiting mainly all the kids that were at our summer camps the last two summers and spending time getting all caught up.

 We are very excited about the gift we have for the kids 12 and under- The Jesus Story Book Bible!  This is a children's Bible that was published by Zondervan in the US, and a Christian publisher in Ukraine, In Lumine, has now made it available in Russian.  What's even better is if you are giving it away to orphans, you can get the Bibles for just $5! This is a steal of a deal.  If you get a chance to check out this Bible in English you should-- it has beautiful illustrations and the story telling is brilliant as it weaves the promise of Jesus, the Lamb of God into the pages of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation!  We hope the kids like it as much as we do!

And in addition to gifts-- we are bringing cookies and cookie decorating supplies (thanks to some awesome donations we got from Ukraine Orphan Outreach).  So since we are bringing cookies- that means I spent all of today baking up a TON of sugar cookies!  Thankfully I had some helpers.  My friend Kelly came over to lend me hand, plus Rhya and Natalie who are staying with me right now (with their parents who are adopting) jumped in to roll out some dough.  We were a good team and I think I have well over 100 little snowmen and gingerbread men packed up and ready to go!

We'll be in Kherson till Monday- so please keep our team in your prayers and for the kids we will be spending time with!  I'm eager to see many of 'my girls' who keep my cell phone ringing most of the week!


Natasha Jones said...

Oh, how fun! Blessings to you! Can't wait to hear stories of how it all went.

Chris and Monique... said...

Thank you for your service to children. May God richly bless you for your servant attitude. Blessings from the Greens in Colorado.