Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monkeys at the Zoo

We took our 13 little monkeys kiddos to the zoo this week!  The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle was generous to let all 13 of our kids get into the zoo for free and the rest of our host families and kids all received a group discount!  And let me tell you-- it was a ZOO!

Keeping track of all our crew proved challenging and I spent more time watching after our roaming creatures dart to and fro than I did seeing the creatures behind the glass and fences.  I didn't manage to snap nearly as many photos as normal as I was too busy holding onto kids-- but here are a few from our crazy day yesterday.

The kids LOVED it!  For most it was their first trip ever to a zoo.

let me tell you....staging this picture took EFFORT!

Thursday evening we will be having a gospel presentation night and are partnering with some local Russian speakers to put on a program for the kids-- so you can be praying for our team and for the hearts of all these kids.  It has been a great time doing all things 'American'--but ultimately we want them to see and experience the love of Jesus while they are here and for themselves personally.  Please be praying for a meaningful evening.

Just about a week to go! Wow-- the time has gone by fast!

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Tara G. said...

And certainly no one could even count the Kyiv zoo as a zoo had they been to it!! Can't wait to see you!