Thursday, May 26, 2011

While I was out...

So if you've noticed I never posted the follow-up to my last post...that is because I just 'stepped out' for a couple weeks! (I promise I'll post it soon!)

I headed off to Athens and the Greek Isles for 9 days with my meet my Greek roots and take a little 'time out' :)  (my great-grandfather immigrated from Greece).

This has been one of my 'dream trips' for quite some time, so it was very exciting to take this adventure and to do so with two of my most favorite and dad.

we explored Athens

ate a Greek salad just about everyday!

Enjoyed the sites of Mykinos
amazing sunsets!

beautiful churches

wonderful parents

volcano views!

And just plain relaxed!
I read 4 books! Don't remember the last time I read even one!  It was a great break...but I've returned to a bit of 'crazy' here in Kiev!  Lots going on as the summer season begins and we prepare for a conference, two camps, two hosting programs brining 23 kids to the US and many adoptive families traveling over to Kiev!  Alright, enough play...time to get back to work.

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