Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seeing the Hand of God

This is a post I've been meaning to write for quite some time and yet I didn't really know quite where to start the story.  So here goes...

 If you've been floating around adoption 'blogville' for the last few months you most likely have come across the Peck family on their adoption journey. For those of you that haven't, I wanted to use this post to tell you the story of quite frankly the biggest miracle I've seen take place in all my years of working in the adoption realm.

My relationship with Clay and Selene Peck began in September of this past year when we returned from a summer camp and had met a 15-year-old girl who wanted a family.  Upon returning I was connected with the Pecks through some friends in Colorado. They had felt led by God to pursue the adoption of an older teen and it seemed like a match made in heaven with the girl we'd met at camp.

Paperwork started and all was looking great.....that is until the girl changed her mind 2 months later.  It was difficult for us all to understand the 'why's' behind this whole situation, but the Pecks moved forward in faith, trusting that God must have another girl for them....a girl that would want to be in a family.

Fast forward to February.  Selene and Clay arrive in Kiev and take a referral for a 15-year-old girl named Julia-- a girl they had learned about through a friend of mine who had known her for a few years. A girl who had prayed and prayed continually for a family, and who was only 3 months away from being 'too old' to be adopted internationally.  Or so we thought.

Family meets.  Girl says yes. Paperwork starts moving.  This adoption story seemed like one that would be smooth sailing...until an error in the paperwork is found.  One simple error.  An error that changes everything.

The birthday had been wrong in the official documents and when crossed with the registrar’s office it was determined that young Julia was already 16 year's old-- too old to be adopted by US law.

Moments like these are the ones that make your heart sink.  Moments like this have you asking the "Why, God?" questions.  Moments like these send you to your knees in prayer.

We knew our only hope was to make a plea with the US embassy in Kiev, so that is where we went.  But after hours of waiting and finally getting to talk to someone who seemed like they were in charge, we were told what we feared: "No Way." The law was the law, and although there had been an error in paperwork, nothing could be done.

We left the embassy in tears-- Clay and Selene both heart broken that they would need to return to the orphanage and tell a waiting girl that they could no longer adopt her.  Again, the 'why' questions were racing through my mind.

The Pecks returned to my office to make a game plan of what would be next, when in walks my uncle Steve, who has an ability to inspire just about anyone!  He heard the news and then challenged the Pecks to examine what God was asking of them and to see if they were to fight for Julia-- to fight for the orphan.  He then went on to pray a very powerful and prophetic prayer. At the end of his prayer, all were in tears and Selene spoke up, “Maybe we are supposed to fight this…and whether we win or not, maybe this will help raise awareness in a way that God can use on behalf of orphans around the world.”  Clay agreed and said, “Let’s fight!” 

Immediately Clay set to work sending out emails to everyone he knew, putting messages out on Facebook --trying to rally the troops to pray. It helps being a pastor of a large church with people who know people!  Amazingly enough, within hours he had been connected with high-level officials at the office of Homeland Security and was sharing Julia's story with people who have the ability to make decisions.  He stayed up most of the night, writing emails, sending documents and trying to get Julia's story into the ears of people who could make things happen.

And while we slept through the night.... things were happening in the US!

Literally, within 24 hours of us having been at the US embassy in Kiev, Clay received a phone call from the local Embassy, saying that they would be able to adopt Julia!  US law had been changed (or at least re-interpreted) on behalf of a Ukrainian girl.  Miraculous.  Let me say it again- MIRACULOUS!

When the Pecks showed up at the Embassy the next day they were met with smiles.  The people there, who had been all gloom and doom the day before were in shock of the decision that had been made. Never before had they seen such action taken.  And because of the "Julia Peck Decision" 16-year-olds around the world would be given the chance for adoption, as this new interpretation of the law would be effective in all consular posts world-wide.  The consular representative said to the Pecks, "you must be pretty politically active people. I've never seen anything like this happen."  "No" Clay responded. "We just have a church with a lot of praying people."

I have to say that I understood the power of prayer in a whole new way that day.

What an amazing God we serve!!      

Within 24 hours the fate of a young girl had changed-- and the faith of thousands of praying people was immensely strengthened. 

Its been 3 weeks now that the Pecks have been home with Julia, and I realize that this miracle is only one part of their journey. I believe God uses moments like these to remind us that He is in it with us. The road ahead of transitioning Julia into home life in America will be challenging, and will have its ups and downs, but the Pecks will always be able to reflect on their journey and know that God is in it.  After all, He changed the hearts of kings to give Julia a family.  

I pray too, that I never forget.
God's heart is with the fatherless.  Julia's story will forever be the reminder of that truth.

Clay, Selene and Julia Peck- arriving in the US
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Corrie said...

What an awesome witness of how BIG our God is!! Thank you for sharing this miracle!

Anonymous said...

Funny, God is in the business of BIG, is He not? Hallelujah!


Anonymous said...

Reliving the story again through your words, eyes filled with tears, renewing my faith for the ongoing battle, and grateful to our amazing Heavenly Father!

Rachael said...

incredible story and what a blessing from God that you were able to share part of it!

Cassandra said...

Thank you for sharing. I had heard this family was facing obstacles but I didn't realize how large and I didn't know the outcome. What a blessing for Julia and many others!

Tina Kacirek said...

We need help trying to get a 17 yr old girl adopted from Ukraine. She has begged me for help and we have tried everything possible. Can you connect us to someone who can help us? Please contact me at

Thank you!

Van Allen Studio said...

Steve told me about this while we were in Kiev - it brought tears to my eyes!

Keep up the good work...

Durr Family said...

What an awesome God we serve.

Acceptance with Joy said...

incredible story!! What blessing!