Monday, October 4, 2010

Amidst heroes


My new friend Wendy-- super mom! :)
This week has been FULL and even better than has been FULFILLING!

 I had the joy of meeting with 7 different adoptive families...all in the last 7 days (this explains why my bags still aren't packed to leave on Tuesday)!  From all parts of the US, from all different back grounds, and adopting all different types of kids, I got to hear the hearts of these couples this week and I have been so blessed as a result.
2 threads linked these families together...their love of Christ and their adoption of Ukrainian children.  Some of these families were adopting their first children, others adding to their family, one family adopting HIV+ children and another 2 children with downs syndrome, one family adopting younger children and another adopting teens. All very different callings, and yet with one calling the come to Ukraine to bring their children home forever.

Lewis family with their 4 beauties 
 I had lunch with several of these families today after church and as I sat there amidst the chaos and noise of the restaurant (some of them being our screaming children)... I couldn't help but have this overwhelming sense of peace and excitement.  I was sitting amidst my heroes, and seeing people who get what James 1:27 is all about.  I couldn't think of a place I'd rather be.

I'm getting ready to leave this week for England for 3 months, and yet today as I sat amidst these heroes of the faith I felt more certain then ever of my calling to return to Ukraine.  It is an honor and a blessing to walk with and  encourage families like the ones I met today.  They are walking out their faith in such tangible way and it is chaining lives.

15.  That is the number of children that will be going home to their forever families in the next days and weeks.  15!

That is a pretty good start to denting the statistics I mentioned in my last post.

 There are about to be 15 less orphans in Ukraine...and that is a reason to rejoice today.

Holly and I at the orphanage- with princess Olivia

Holly and Jason with 1 of their 2 princesses- Natalia

Others are still waiting...


Kari said...

You are a great encouragement to so many adoptive families! Thank you, Karen!

Stephanee&Zach said...

Amen!!! That is so exciting Karen!! Have a great time in England :)

Donna said...

Such an uplifting post...full of encouragement for adopting families!
What will you be doing in England? Mission work or work with orphanages there? Interested....hope you blog more incredible life stories!!

Anonymous said...

We wish you the best on your adventure in England! We hope it is a refreshing time for you. Thanks for all the encouraging updates on families who are adopting. It's so wonderful to see God at work. We have so many friends here right now who are in the process of adopting, so there will be many more about to embark on their journey. God is raising up so many!

Gary and Tina said...

Thanks Karen for sharing about other adoptive families. It gives us such encouragement and we can't wait for our time to be in Ukraine.

Holly said...

It is amazing to see all that God is doing here! Thank you Karen for caring for "the least of these".

Wendy :) said...

Karen, Thank You for your heart!!! You are such an encouragement to so many families:) I blessed to call you friend. Praying for GOd to do amazing things while you are in London!! Can't wait to hear all about it.... Love & Blessings....~Wendy:)

Anonymous said...

60% unregistered children is the power-base the directors have to help retain their jobs/pentions. The SDA has directives to further narrow the availablity options by restrictions on age and health. And rules concerning sibling groups. The paid schooling the 'age-out' ones have is offset by the number of them that have, at best, a second grade education - they cannot succeed in these schools or life. And (some) directors keep the children on after they age-out for many reasons. The foster programs..not hopeful for most. Adoption into Christian homes is almost all there is for these kids in way of hope. There is a battle for the hearts of these kids...that is the good news. And if the local churches rise up in prayer and action against the corruption stated