Sunday, February 14, 2010


This weekend in honor of Valentine's Day we had a little cupcake decorating party! I've got 'control' (or so I'd like to think) of the Weber brood this weekend as Steve and Kristi are traversing around England celebrating their 22 years of marriage.

We always manage to have fun of our own in their absence though...including traipsing through a crazy snow storm to get to church this morning. We were all a little wet and weary for the wear by the time we walked in I think. In all the years I've been in Ukraine, this is by the snowiest I've ever seen! I'm so ready to see some spring sunshine!!

I always enjoy these sweet babysitting times with my cousins-- they keep me on my toes but they have lots of love to share as well...including the youngest finding his way into my bed around 3am every night- claiming it is 'too loud' in his room! How can you say no to that? :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Heidi and Felix said...

Very nice! Yep, I've heard it's the most severe winter in years. But, I'm doing ok in it, so long as there aren't those below 0F days anymore. Hope to see you in a little over a week!