Sunday, October 4, 2009

Every girl’s dream

So if I play Barbie too many more times I may start getting a complex!  Our concert team was in need of an actress at the last moment again to play “Barbie” in their children’s musical- and since I’ve done the role a couple times now, I was the one subjected to putting on the floral pink dress- remnant of the 1980’s and playing the life size doll.Banquet 09 008

I had to share this picture, as there is something quite amusing about having a doll wearing the same dress as you!  The play starts out with the Barbie doll on the shelf and then when the music starts and the smoke appears Barbie comes to life—meaning I walk out on the stage!

Now if I could only sing “My Heart Will Go On” while playing Barbie—then I’d really be living out my actress fantasy! :)           (See several posts back if that doesn’t make sense!)

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Anonymous said...

Ha! You are too cute!