Monday, April 20, 2009

Full Apartment and fun times…

Last week the Jones came back to Kiev with their three kids, including the newly adopted Oksana! For night number one in the city I had them crash at my place which was a fun experiment to see how many people we could fit on the floor of my not so big apartment.floor 2 5 actually fit quite nicely! They spent the rest of last week running around Kiev getting medical work done and then were off to the US embassy to get Oksana’s Visa. Since I had to head out of town (more on that fun adventure a bit later)- they moved to be with my friend Allyson and finished up all the final details. After 2 months away from home they were able to fly back to Seattle on Saturday!  Amazing to think that Oksana is now in my home town- and here I am in Ukraine. Floor It was such a blessing to have them here these past 2 months and just seeing Oksana with them reminds me to praise God for all the miracles he orchestrated together for this family. She is my little miracle story and will be a reminder to me of God’s faithfulness for the rest of my life.  Can’t wait to see her at Christmas!DSCN8254

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Natasha said...

Hey girl! So nice to see those pictures - I don't think I have the last one, could you e-mail it to me please? Loved your pictures on Facebook!
Love, Natasha