Monday, March 9, 2009

International Women’s Day Weekend

 DSCN7816Hard to believe it but this is my 5th Women’s Day in Ukraine. I truly love this holiday—perhaps that is why I’ve stayed this long. What woman wouldn’t love a holiday that means flowers, chocolate, celebrations and a day off of work?!  Apparently International Women's Day began in 1910 by the German socialist leader Clara Zetkin, who organized a large conference for European women in Copenhagen which marked the fight of women for equal rights.  In the 1970’s it became an official holiday recognized on March 8th each year- but today it is only a national holiday in post-soviet block countries--- like my beautiful Ukraine!  Which makes the fact that it is called “International Women’s Day” even more amusing!DSCN7820                         Flowers were everywhere this weekend!

My friends from my home church are staying with me right now as they await their SDA (adoption) appointment this week—so this means I have had an extra fun weekend full of meals out, late nights and touristy stuff that I haven’t done in awhile—thanks Erik and Natasha!! DSCN7814Yesterday we went to a yummy new Italian place I discovered and had some great Tiramisu and today we froze to death but enjoyed the beauty of the Pechersk Lavra. 



    Natasha and Erik were both a little creeped out by the dead monks that are mummified and deep in the caves of the monastery- I think I’ve seen them so many times now that it doesn’t phase me as much.  I just don’t like how everyone kisses the glass that they are held in.DSCN7825

Erik and Natasha have their appointment on Wednesday, so we still have a couple more days of fun before they head out. Please be praying for them and their future kiddos!


Heidi and Felix said...

German Socialist??, a Nazi?? Too funny! Karen you crack me up!

I'm glad you are having fun with your home church friends. We're praying all goes well with their adoption. Do you have space in 2010 :)


Evie's Story said...

A very happy belated INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY TO YOU my friend! Glad to see you got celebrated. Wish I could steal you away for the afternoon and have you introduce me to the new Italian restaurant in Kiev...sounds like fun!