Friday, December 12, 2008

Car Sick...Air Sick...sick more sick!!

So we are currently stuck for awhile in the JFK airport as we await our flight to Rochester NY-- and has it been a day and a half!!!! Praise God we are all still alive and continuing to function...though some of these little ones just barely it seems.
Our day started off at 8am, meeting at the church to load into the cars to make the trip to the airport in Charlotte- a 2 hour drive. When we all met up we saw instantly that little Nika and Oksana were both very sick with high fevers and did not look ready to face the long day before them. Just three of us adults (the women) were flying with the kids, so we divided up all 11 kids into 3 cars to make our way to the airport.

Car #1-- That's the car I'm in with the two fever girls....20 minutes into the trip-- throwing up into plastic bags. Oh Jesus- let this trip be over soon.

Car #2-- This car contains Alla, our little girl prone to motion sickness-- we arrive at the gas station for a potty break...Alla throws up.

Car #3-- This car is being driven by a younger guy who is from the is raining and young guy is driving a little too spins and gets in an accident. Everyone is okay- but two kids hit their heads and 2 are throwing up everywhere...over all their clothes. These kids arrive to the airport in desperate need of a clothing change...but nevertheless in pretty good spirits.

Flight # 1-- Little Alla, again the motion sick one, is sitting by me...and we quickly get moved to the front of the plane when the flight attendant realizes she is about to throw up. Apparently he doesn't want to create the "school bus" effect....I can only imagine what that might mean. No thank you! So I sat by her holding her hair back...getting my first lessons of being mama to a sick child. (Makes me thank my mother for all that hair holding way back when). Two other kids in our group were throwing up on the flight as well...I'm sure we entertained those around us.

So anyway.... not to have a totally gross out of a blog entry...but these are the things I'm thinking about as I'm sitting in the airport surrounded by 11 children...several of which still don't smell too good. We were delayed in getting here so missed our connecting flight- so now we are stuck waiting for almost 5 hours for our next flight...which will be all of 50 min long and will get us into Rochester close to midnight! And to think our day started at 8am!

Please please pray for our little ones...Oksana and Nika really need their fevers to break. These are the moments that make you really remember about why these kids need families. All of them. Kids shouldn't have to be sick, crying and tired without a mama near by. This is what breaks my heart the most. We praise God for His protection today and that all the kids were safe.


Debbie said...

Oh, these precious little ones! They all need mamas! I am so glad you are there, though it is hard. They need you. I'll pray for them. Big hugs to you all!

Tyler and Kelly said...

We are praying for mamas for these sweet little stinky ones!! =) We love you.....and miss you!

Heidi and Felix said...

Praying for those sick little kids with tears in my eyes! I adore little Oksana. Hang in there, Mama Karen!!

p.s. was Zina in the accident?

Jim and Kari said...

Oh, those poor kiddos. What a hard day for all of you. Hopefully things will look up from here and the food will stay down!

Annie said...

What breaks my heart most is knowing how many women and men out there long to be parents to these children - and money stands in the way. Just breaks my heart. I'd love another girl so much....there is such deep joy in loving when it is most difficult and most needed.