Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Roges

I always love being involved in the adoption process, and when the family becomes dear friends I count it as a double blessing. I got to have my friends Heidi and Felix stay with me for their first week in Ukraine as they began the journey to adopt three children. Well they ended up adopting from the Kiev region so they got to stay with me a little longer than planned- which made for a fun week of dinner guests and late nights! Thanks for the fun guys! Heidi and Felix are adopting three kids from Boiarka- about an hour from where I live. And that's not all...they'll be back in prayerfully the near future for 2 more beauties they met on a hosting trip last year- once the girls are registered. This is one family you won't want to mess with-- they are raising up a small Ukrainian army!


Annie said...

This is so wonderful! Do they have a blog? We have 5 Russians, so we're a good match.

Debbie said...

Ah, the Roge' Cinco. It'll be a trilingual army they're raising up...makes me giggle. Such adorable kids. We are so thrilled for them all!